Are you a nurse and are you thinking about the possibility of working in another country?

Did you know that currently in Germany more than 25,000 nurses are needed?

We can help you find a job in Germany.

what do you need?

To learn german!


Unfortunately there is no way to avoid it!

In addition to the fact that you will need it to communicate with colleagues, patients, doctors and family, who do not always speak English, an authentication of the B2 level of the German language is also required. This has to be recognized by the CEFR.

This step is essential for your visa and official recognition of your diploma.

So to learn German, the first step you must take…

Of course, it is a great challenge.

Many students have been before this situation before you and have achieved it.

If you do not try, it will be sure that it does not reach its purpose and it will always be in the same place.

We have been preparing a lot of people for years and now they speak German perfectly.

They have achieved their purpose and before achieving it they had to make the decision to try it.

Online Teachers


Born in Munich, Marinus finished his academic studies in 2000 and thereafter moved to Spain where he has been teaching German in physical as well as in online classes.

For many years now his primarily focus has been the preparation of Philippine nurses who intend to work in Germany in intensive online German language courses including the specific preparation for the required exams telc Deutsch B2 or telc Deutsch B1.B2 Pflege.

Marinus Gerst is holder of a telc examiner license for Deutsch B1 and B2.


Born and raised in Germany I started my career in Landscaping / Horticulture, a two year apprenticeship as a Landscape gardener followed by a University Course in Landscape Architecture / Landcare. During my studies I also obtained a Teaching Aptitude, which allowed me insight and understanding of basic teaching skills and concepts.

In 2004 I moved to Perth / Australia for work related reasons and decided to stay permanently 2 years later.

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After taking some time off work in upbringing our children and looking after the family I have developed and expanded my teaching skills since 2015 by working as a language teacher. Since 2016 I work for PASSWORDLEARN teaching German mainly to Filipino Nurses in order to reach a B2 level (CEFR) to be able to work in Germany as qualified nurses. In addition I obtained a TELC Examiner certification, which allows me to organise and conduct TELC examinations in the German language for levels A1-B2. It also gives me extra knowledge and strategies to prepare students for Telc Exams.

Ana María Valerio

I have more than 10 years experience in teaching, the last 4 years I have specialised in German for nurses which is necessary to be able to work as a nurse in Germany. Examiner in B1/B2 German and B1/B2 German for nurses. Several languages speaking: German and Spanish as native speaker, English C1 (Cambridge), French B1 and Catalan B1.

Beatriz Bernhard

I’m Beatrix Bernhard, since 2009 I work as a German teacher. In online lessons I have a lot of experience. I’ve done a lot of projects with Filipino students now working in Germany as a caregiver since I’m a Telc evaluator and Telc examiner myself, so I’ve specialized in preparing students for the exams.

Sophie Wolf

I am Sophie from Austria and I am a licensed German teacher (DaF/DaZ – German for foreigners) with 5 years of experience and I am offering Courses 1:1 or in groups via internet.
I can help you to reach an ÖSD or Telc certificate or just support you to speak quick a decent german. We can modify the course for your needs (grammar, listening, speaking, writing or reading). As well I have many materials and Modelltests of ÖSD, TELC…

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Sophie Wolf

Further I am a licensed Radiology Technician with Sales experience, so anatomical, hospital or sales terms will make me happy ☺ 
You wanna speak with a consummate ease, understand the german and feel confident to work in Germany, Swiss or Austria?  Perfect, I gonna help you to reach your personal goals!

Marisa Pelke

Violeta Wieghardt

Thomas Preiss

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The German language exam

So – What do you have to do?

Learn the language
We offer you the opportunity to conduct an online Face to Face language course with us. This step is indispensable.

Fortunately, all our teachers are telc examiners and can prepare you well for the aspired B2 exam. This is a significant advantage for you.

The language courses at Passwordlearn focus on the exam telc Pflege B1-B2, a job-related exam aimed at professionals in nursing and geriatric care who need to learn their language skills at level B1 or B2.

You need to pass a B2, meaning you are able to understand the main ideas of complex texts that deal with both concrete and abstract issues, even if they are of a technical nature as long as they are within your field of expertise.

For this reason we also prepare for the Telc Pflege B1-B2 exam. This way you learn the precise technical vocabulary for the exam and its subsequent work.

It is requested that you can interact with native speakers with a sufficient degree of fluency and naturalness so that the communication is carried out without effort on the part of any of the interlocutors.

When you achieve your certificate, you will be able to produce clear and detailed texts on various topics as well as defend a point of view on general topics indicating the pros and cons of the different options.

Let's go!

Perfect preparation, perfect results...

All our teachers are well qualified and native speakers with years of experience in teaching Filipino nurses online.  Most of them are even Telc examiners themselves, so we know very well how to get you prepared for this exam at an optimal pace !

Our courses build up gradually from one level to another and follow an optimized curriculum according to the telc specifications. Your teacher will accompany and guide you personally throughout the whole journey to assure you will be able to achieve the best results.

Nothing as comfortable as studying from your own home

Even if you were able to learn German at a physical language school somewhere in the Philippines or wherever you are living, there are  some obvious advantages of online classes:

Nothing as comfortable as studying from your own home

  • Full flexibility regarding your location. Study German wherever you currently are as long as you have access to internet !
  • You won’t lose time in travelling to your school, being able to spend the saved time for studying!
  • Modern web conferencing software makes it possible to have almost the same type of classes as in a physical school including full interaction with your teacher and your classmates, but with the comfort of being at home !
hours per coursehours per weekhours a dayprice per hour
German Cours A11202043.00 €
German cours A21202043.00 €
German cours B11502043.00 €
German cours B21802043.00 €
Exam preparation30207 3.00 €

* 9% discount compared to the two separate packagesAmount payable in 4 installments every two months. First installment of ₱ 25.000 has to be paid before the start of the course via bankwire (Security Bank) or PayPal.

This offer includes only the German language course, not the placement. The course can be financed by your agency or future employer.

Our courses

We currently offer three packages:

  • An elementary course of 260 hours
  • An intermediate course with exam preparation of 340 hours
  • A complete German course from beginner to the final exam of 600 hours

All courses include:

  • 4 hours of class per day, 5 classes per week, from Monday to Friday
  • A small group of 7 to 10 people, all Filipino nurses, who also want to go to Germany
  • Highly qualified and experienced teacher who personally accompanies, supports and corrects you from the beginning of the learning process until the final exam
  • An optimized curriculum specifically for Filipino nurses developed by teachers, nurses and telc examiners.

Upcoming classes

Complete course (A0-B2 for nurses)

  • Classes from Mon-Fr

(Note: This offer includes only the German language course, not the placement. This course can be financed by your agency or future employer.)


  • We calculate approximately 600 hours to reach the B2
  • We give you the facility to pay it in three installments
  • 40% when enrolling
  • 30% after completing the first 200 hours
  • And the last instalment after completion of the next 200 hours.
  • You can pay through PayPal or bank transfer
  • If you need more information do not hesitate to contact us
  • The groups are formed of minimum 6 people

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