Nurses for Germany

Germany in need of 200.000 nurses until 2020


Germany is in short supply of registered nurses and accepts applicants under the Triple Win Project, a government-to-government project.

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Filipino nurses who will be hired will receive a starting salary of EU1,900 or equivalent to more than P100,000 a month. After the recognition as a qualified nurse the salary will increase to approx. $2300 / month. Overtime and shift work is paid on top of the base salary.

Your employer normally offers paid annual holidays of around 5 weeks, a 13th month salary, an Employer funded pension and supports you in further on-the-job training and further qualifications/ specialization.

Germany has a well-developed social security system, including health care, which you can immediately benefit from.


Requirements / Recognition – Process in Germany

Applicants must be a Filipino citizen and permanent resident of the Philippines with Bachelor of Science in Nursing, have active Philippine Nursing License, and at least with years of related professional experience (bedside) in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and/or care institutions.

To be registered as a general nurse in Germany without any restrictions they must also have German language proficiency or are willing to undergo German language training in the Philippines to attain Level B2 (to be paid by the employer).

The employer will also pay the visa and airfare from the Philippines to Germany and will assist the employee to find a suitable accommodation.  The selected nurse will bear the expenses in full or in part of the board and lodging.


To be able to work in Germany, speaking the German language is a must. Therefore, the German government requires foreign health care professionals to study the language up to level B2.


Get in touch with an agency / employer of your choice and personally submit them all required documents (fastened in folder) for your application. Your Agency will help you complete the next steps, f.e. translation of documents, the application for Recognition of your qualifications in Germany as well as your visa-application.


We are working closely with selected, POEA accredited, local and German partner agencies who facilitate the job application process.

Documents to be submitted

Here is a list of the documents that need to be submitted:

  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae with coloured passport size picture
  • Copy of valid passport
  • Notarized copies of high school and Nursing diplomas
  • Board certificate and copy of license from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)
  • Certificates of employment in related field (previous and current, notarized copies)
  • Proficiency level certificate for German language B2 (verified Telc GmbH/ Goethe-Institut certificates)

Applicants are required to present their original documents for authentication of written information before forwarding the resume to the employer. 

German Classes

Passwordlearn has been offering online German classes since 2012.

Since 2015, more and more nurses have joined our German A1 to B2 program and we are already proud of a growing number of B2 exam passers.

Our course structure has been adjusted especially for nurses: After passing the standard A1 and A2 levels, our nurses will proceed to B1 and B2 Pflege (translated: Care).

Introducing B1-B2 Pflege:

This course is specifically designed for nurses. It covers lexis and grammatical structures of the upper range of B1 and B2 but is designed for professionals working in nursing and geriatric care.

It will prepare you directly for the telc Deutsch B1/B2 Pflege examination to prove your language skills at B1 or B2 level.

With this, you will be better prepared for working in Germany and have an edge that employers will highly appreciate.


We commit ourselves to recruiting and retaining highly qualified native German teachers. We regularly ask both students and teachers for feedback regarding the quality of the class and take concerns and issues very seriously. We hold individual and group meetings with teachers and staff to ensure everyone is in line with the schools vision and targets.


In our German classes, we use standardized books. After each chapter of the book there will be a chapter test and a vocabulary test. At the end of each level there will be an internal exam. The students have to pass it with at least 75% before they can proceed to the next level.


Our teachers are keeping an online attendance sheet for each class to take note of each student’s attendance, participation and progress.


Our German Intensive training has an estimated time of 8-10 months to prepare the students adequately for the official B2 examination and most importantly for a life as a nurse in Germany; with an additional period of 2-3 months for the German B2 examination and VISA application we target a timeline of 12 months.

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